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Because itís so inexpensive (only $49.50 for the digital download and $99.50 for the hard copy manual) anyone can afford to get started.

Just download the manual off my website and hereís what you get . . . .

272 page E-book Training Manual with 17 Lessons
16 Quizzes with Answers To Test Your Knowledge
110 Special Professional Chauffeur Driving Tips
33 Critical Limo Driver Mistakes
Sample Forms Used in the Limo Business
Section on Terms-Definitions & Industry Jargon
Driver Review Section
Special Driver Safety Tips
Training on Two-Way Radios & Communication
Recommended Conversational Scenarios for Better Tips
And much more . . . .

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Okay . . . . hereís what it comes down to . . . . would you be willing to invest less than $50.00 for a new career that literally puts thousands of dollars in your pocket?

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If youíre not quite sure yet . . . . maybe you need more information about a career in the limousine business?

But first let me ask you some questions . . . . okay?

Would you enjoy making a living thatís fun, exciting and interesting with lots of job satisfaction?

Are you looking for job security?

Are you looking for new skills that can lead to a good paying job that canít be outsourced to a 3rd world country.

Would you like to master new skills quickly, so you can start earning a paycheck?

If your answers are ďYesĒ . . . . becoming a ďlimo driverĒ could be right move for you!

But youíll need to make a commitment to acquire the right skills. And it boils down to My Simple 3 Step Formula for Success:

Get the Training ♦ Get the Job ♦ Get the Income

That means making the right decision . . . . and getting the right coaching, plus the advanced training to make it happen on a very personal level for you.

And it all begins with my 17 lessons including . . . Learning the Inside Secrets of Experienced Limo Drivers like:

How to find jobs
How to locate the best limousine companies
Job interviewing secrets especially for limo drivers
How to avoid costly driving mistakes
Tips on building a client base that puts money in your pocket
How to get the best paying runs
Safety rules of the road that can save your life
Insider tricks of getting good tips
And much more . . . .

The knowledge you learn from my training could easily put you on the pathway to a new, exciting and successful career . . . . you have everything to gain and nothing to lose with my 45 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Itís so simple . . . . and itís so easy to get started. To place your order for the digital download for $49.50 or the hard copy manual for $99.50 just Click Here.

"A career as a Limo Driver. . .
may be the best decision you ever made!"

Are you still sitting on the fence about whether to make the move into driving limousines? Sometimes, the decision to change careers can be overwhelming at times.

But if youíve come this far . . . . please do yourself a favor and take a few more minutes to learn more about this career and the opportunities available in this field.

Because with my training you can pickup the equivalent of 2 years of street knowledge that youíll need to start making a good living . . . . and to stay safe.

Once you complete the course all youíll need is a couple of hours of behind the wheel driving experience to break you in . . . . and limousine companies traditionally provide that training after youíre hired in.


Learning to Drive a Stretch is the Easy Part!

Once youíre hired in companies provide behind the wheel driver training.

But itís no secret Limo Companies want to hire experienced drivers with street knowledge. Why . . . . for most companies training new drivers just isnít worth the trouble and expense.

You see inexperienced drivers tend to make too many costly mistakes with clients and vehicles before they learn the business.

So just because you can hammer a nail or use a circular saw doesnít make you a professional carpenter . . . . and knowing how to drive a stretch limo doesnít make you a Professional Chauffeur either.

My training opens the door by providing up to 2 years of street knowledge companies look for and want in their new driver candidates.



Limo Driving is the Perfect Job . . . . Part Time Ė Full Time - Anytime

And thatís because people order limousine service 7 days a week . . . . and practically around the clock. That means daytime . . . nighttime . . . all the time.

And talk about job flexibility!

If youíre happy with your present career, you can make full-time money driving part-time on weekends.

It doesnít make any difference whether you work part-time or full-time . . . driving limos is not only financially rewarding, but itís an enjoyable way to make a living.

ďYouíll meet people from all walks of life . . . and
rub elbows with the famous and nearly famous.Ē

Imagine the excitement of meeting. . .

  Sports Legends
  Fortune 500 Corporate Executives
  Local Business and Community Leaders
  All kinds of affluent people

If youíre lucky you may even run across a movie star or two.

Celebrities regularly use limousine services . . . . so someone has to drive them as they move from city to city and go about their daily routines.

But frankly, most of your clients will be people in your community celebrating some special event . . . and that too is part of the excitement of driving limos.

During a routine week youíll drive clients to all sorts of events including:

 Upscale restaurants
 Theater Performances
 Corporate meetings
Sporting events

People rent limousines to have fun . . . . and
limo drivers have as much fun as their clients.

Limo drivers will tell you first-hand that driving limousines is an exciting and enjoyable lifestyle. Why? Because in a sense you become a sideline participant in all the happy occasions that people experience in life.

You are right there. . . experiencing and enjoying some of the most memorable events in your clientsí lives. Itís a great feeling seeing people have all that fun.

Wayne has done a superb job designing a program to properly train new people the right way. The material is presented in an easy-to-learn method, so you can learn professional chauffeur skills in days instead of years. Iíve been in the limousine business over 25 years and I recommend this training to anyone seeking a new career in our field.

Robert Vieira
President, RV Limousines
San Francisco, CA

Yes . . . the money is a strong motivating factor!

Money attracts many new drivers into the limousine business, but looking back over the years . . . itís the people you meet and the experiences you enjoy which makes driving limos such a fun and rewarding career.

I think youíll feel the same way . . . should you decide to begin a new career in this field.

But before we go any further let me ask . . .

Are you presently a licensed driver between the ages of 25 to 70? Do you have a reasonably clean driving record with no felony violations? Do you enjoy driving automobiles and are comfortable driving in traffic?

If your answers are ďyesĒ . . . .you can qualify to become a ďprofessional limo driverĒ, so please read on.

Because with proper training, I can promise you really will make $15 to $30 an hour.

Does that kind of money interest you?

Would you like a career that offers . . .

Personal freedom
Flexible work schedules
Unlimited opportunity
Excellent money

If so . . . driving limousines could be the ideal career for you. And if you like what youíre hearing so far, Iíve designed a course especially for you.

ďHow to Make $15 to $30 an Hour: Train to be a Limo DriverĒ prepares you to start a new career with the experience level equal to a couple years of driving limousines. That really helps boost your confidence and for an outlay of only $49.50 . . . how can you go wrong?

Norman Angeles
President, RSM Limousines
San Francisco, CA

You see itís not easy to break into the limousine business.

Why . . . because it takes time to properly train inexperienced applicants, limousine companies usually hire experienced drivers.

Unfortunately . . . until now there really hasnít been any in-depth training program to teach new people this business.

For those lucky few that get a chance to break into this business, the training is minimal. Hereís the training a new person usually receives before he or she is thrown on the street:

Basic Training Program For New Drivers

  • 30 minutes of company indoctrination, procedures
    and paperwork overview.

  • 30 minute introduction and familiarization to different  standard features of limousines.

  • 45 minutes of practice behind the wheel of a limo on some deserted road or vacant parking lot to sharpen your driving
    and parking skills.

  • Accompany an experienced driver on a limousine run to
    see how itís done.

Thatís it . . . . and only if you can even find a limo company that will take a chance and hire you with no experience.

The basic program is exactly the kind of training I received . . . and I can tell you I stumbled and fumbled my way through the first year wishing for someone to teach me all the street savvy.

Believe me you need more training to get started on the road with the confidence and skills you need to succeed.

Most importantly there are many safety rules you need to learn to keep accident free and protect your clients. So . . .

Becoming a professional chauffeur is much
more than driving and opening the door for clients!

Thatís the easy part. . . but with the coaching in this course you'll shortcut the whole process down into days instead of taking up to 2 years to learn.

Thatís why itís so important to get the proper coaching . . . and thatís why this training will help you learn the street knowledge quickly.

For instance my training gives you
100 Valuable Professional Driver Tips that you can put to work immediately on the road. Hereís a FREE TIP that would easily save you the price of this manual alone:


Never enter a hotel or office building-parking garage with a stretch limousine. The steep incline on each ramp going from floor to floor almost always causes the limousine to bottom-out and high center. Then youíre struck and only a tow truck can break you loose. Thatís embarrassing, plus another limousine may have to be ordered for the client to avoid the wait.


Each Driver Tip comes with a thumbtack to help you easily spot and remember each one.

Would Your Rather Learn the Hard Way or Easy Way?

With my training youíll easily pickup professional driver knowledge quickly.

Youíll be ready for the road . . . before you even get behind the wheel of a stretch the first time.

That means you can confidently walk into an interview and expect to be hired by one of the companies in your area.

This training is a must for anyone wishing to become a professional limo driver. "How to Make $15 to $30 an Hour: Train to be a Limo Driver" quickly teaches the skills needed to succeed in this business. I personally worked with Wayne for several years and highly respect his professionalism and

Jack Venable
Jack's Limousine Service
Specializing in Rolls Royce
Tampa Bay, FL

You donít have to wait months
or even weeks to start earning good paychecks!

Thereís no long train up periods or expensive courses to buy. Itís so easy and affordable.

In fact within 5 to 7 days any average person can easily complete my training course . . . and that means you could actually begin earning money that quickly.

Just complete 17 simple, easy training lessons
and youíre ready to start applying for your first job.

You even learn insider information about the best ways to interview for the job to make sure you get lined up with the right company.

Once you land your first job, your new employer will provide additional on-the-job training and behind-the-wheel driving experience you need to succeed in this career field.

And you'll be way ahead with my training!

Why? As I said before, itís a fact limo companies like to hire people with experience and good work habits.

And youíll need to learn 3 skills to become a professional chauffeur: safety rules, street experience and how to drive and maneuver a stretch limousine.

Would you be surprised to learn the easy part is learning the behind the wheel driving skills?

Itís true . . . with the minimal practice time provided by their company, most new drivers pickup enough driving skills to get by with.

Itís the ďstreet experience and safety rulesĒ
that takes 1 to 2 years to learn.

Also remember as a ďlimo driverĒ youíll be handling clients in weddings, nightlife runs, funerals, airport pickup, theater and entertainment performances, corporate functions, sporting events and other types of activities.

Each of these events requires the knowledge of many small details and procedures.

For instance a little slipup like not cleaning the door jam of any dirt or grease could cause the bride to soil her dress as she enters and exits the vehicle.

Missing that small detail would probably cost you a good tip.

Wouldnít it be Great to Have a Coach to Help You!

When you take my training, Iíll be able to walk you through the small details, so you can learn the fine points and procedures of each event.

My course is full of special know-how and insider tips to help you avoid costly mistakes, so youíll feel perfectly comfortable handling all types of events.

Plus, Iíll coach you on how to handle some of the personality types you meet, how to squeeze out bigger tips and how to handle occasional problems that arise.


Highly trained limo drivers make good money and can always find work with professional companies. Wayneís training shortcuts the process of learning this business. I ought to know . . . after 6 years driving limousines, I already operate my own company. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get ahead quickly!

The training gets you prepared . . . the rest is up to you.

Don Wilson
Owner, Wilsonís Chauffeured
San Francisco, CA

You Get Much More than Just Coaching!

Your training covers administrative information about company procedures and paperwork, even special troubleshooting tips and knowing your way around the office and vehicle storage lot.

I even take you out on your first run and explain every step. Itís all in your training . . . . itís all the important things you need to know to get started.

Think of it . . . in just a few days time, youíll be exposed to the street knowledge and safety rules that takes up to 2 years of hard knocks on the road to learn.

In a nutshell hereís what you get:

272 page E-book Training Manual with 17 Lessons
16 Quizzes with Answers To Test Your Knowledge
33 Critical Limo Driver Mistakes
110 Special Professional Chauffeur Driving Tips
Sample Forms Used in the Limo Business
Section on Terms-Definitions & Industry Jargon
Driver Review Section
Special Driver Safety Tips
Training on Two-Way Radios & Communication
Recommended Conversational Scenarios for Better Tips
And much more . . . .

Itís all there. Itís what you need to know. To learn more about whatís offered in my course . . . . Click here now to find out What You Learn and then . . . try a free lesson.

But if youíre ready to make a decision right now . . . .

Finding a new, well-paying career with flexible work schedules isnít easy these days. Youíll start your new career in just days . . . and where can you find a job thatís any easier or as much fun as driving limousines?

Itís the perfect job!
Thatís why I think youíll really like driving limousines.

You could expect to pay hundreds of dollars for the knowledge and skills in my training program. . . . but, Iím going to make it easy and simple for you to get started.

It's So Affordable

Normally, I charge $69.95 for the e-book manual, but for a limited time...

I can offer you the entire course for only $49.50

I want you to be happy in your new career, so hereís Ö.

My Personal Guarantee


It's very simple...

No strings.

No ifs, ands or buts.

And no questions asked.

Just ask for your money back and I will refund you.

So there you have it . . . there's
nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Get the training . . Get the job . . Get the income

Can you imagine yourself in a brand-new career where you begin earning a good income in just days?

Professionally trained chauffeurs are in demand all over the world. And that means plenty of employment opportunities in this career field.

Youíll never regret your decision to enter the limousine business.

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Complete your training at your
convenience in the comfort of your own home!

Each of the 17 lessons is simple and easy to understand, so you can move effortlessly through each one.

To help you perform your work more efficiently out on the street, Lessons 1 to 16 comes with a quiz designed to help reinforce and lock in the most relevant training information using repetition.

The answers are found in the Appendix, so you can quickly find out how well you are learning the information.

If youíre in a hurry to get trained . . . with some extra effort you could actually complete the course over a weekend.

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"How to Make $15 to $30 an Hour: Train to be a Limo Driver". . . . Click here now to find out What You Learn and then . . . try a free lesson.

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